Just as each and every person is different so too are my lifestyle sessions. My experience and unique natural style of shooting enables me to work with you not ‘pose’ you or your loved ones and in doing so I am able to help and direct you in expressing your story. If you are after a more styled and posed session I would encourage you to seek out other photographers as this is not my style or what I am about.
The best images are the ones that speak volumes and are only achieved in real moments, like when your partner is looking into your eyes and tells you how proud they are of you, or when when dad cracks a joke and the childres end up in peels of hysterically laughter. These are the types of moments I strive to preserve in my images.

How does it work? As each session is unique It is hard to judge the final number of images that I will need to take to capture your story but you will receive a minimum of 40 images that capture the essence of you and your family.