Do you travel?

Sure do! I'll travel anywhere and are always up for an adventure – just let me know if you require coverage outside of Sydney.

Do you offer prints?

Sure do, just let me know if your interested and I can email you my pricing/info guide.

How long does it take to design and order an album?

Once you receive your images I will include instructions on how to pick images for your album it’s then up to you to get in contact with myself once you have made your decision. I will then draft up an album design within the week and send it back to yourself for your approval. Or if you just cannot decide which images to use I can do it up completely and send it through for approval/changes. I will keep you updated as soon as it arrives and we can organise for it to be delivered/collected.

Do you work with a 2nd shooter?

Most weddings I do shoot by myself, I will recommend a 2nd shooter if I believe your wedding is too large to handle on my own. I have a few 2nd shooters I closely work with if you are after another wedding photographer on your day to get the 2nd view of everything just let me know early on so I can arrange this for you.

If we don't live close how can we meet/chat?

There are so many ways to connect now. We can meet via skype/facetime or a phone call :)

How long does it take to receive my images?

Weddings - approximately 6-8 weeks
Family/Newborn - approximately 3-4 weeks

How many images do we receive?

It's hard to say exactly how many images you will receive as everyones story is so different.
Weddings - You will receive a minimum of 500 images for all day coverage
Family/Newborns - You will receive a minimum of 30 images

How do we work out our timeline for the wedding day?

When you get in contact with myself I will send you through a timeline template/draft, this walks you through how much time you should allocate for each section of your wedding day.